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PLAYABLE PRINTS by Jono Sandilands

@ SPACE (6 West Street, Bristol, BS2 0BH)
Ground level access, pram and wheelchair friendly with accessible toilet.

4rd-8th July / 11am-6pm FREE ENTRY

OPENING NIGHT Thursday 5th July / 6pm-10pm

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PLAYABLE PRINTS is an arcade of interactive artwork.

With most artwork you are directed not to touch. But with PLAYABLE PRINTS you are invited to break the rules and interact with the exhibits. Come along to the show to play and explore these new digital worlds hidden inside the prints.

At first, the framed screenprints appear as normal. As you get closer, you find the embedded digital technology brings the artwork to life. PLAYABLE PRINTS push the boundaries of what is possible in our continually merging virtual and physical environments.

The artworks are inspired by rigorous research into nostalgic retro games, with this particular exhibition focusing on pinball machines. The pinball machine is a fascinating example of traditional printmaking. From the screenprinting techniques used to manufacture the bright illuminated backglass, to the stenciling of the bold colourful cabinets. The sounds of the chimes and the steel ball hurtling over the thick varnished playfield wood, smashing against the plastic targets makes the pinball machine an overwhelmingly fascinating artefact.

This new set of Pinball PLAYABLE PRINTS are exhibiting for the first time here at SPACE, Bristol. They celebrate the memories, beauty and pop-culture that surround the arcade. Featuring artwork and gameplay that reflect upon the current political and social climate.

Jono Sandilands is a Bristol based graphic artist exploring design, printmaking and screen-based-technology, embedding interaction and games into physical artworks.

These PLAYABLE PRINTS are part of a series, and are available to purchase online or at the exhibition.

Supported by Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol.



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