About Jono Sandilands

I'm a graphic adventurer making work at the intersection of design, printmaking and screen-based-technology, the relationship between the tangible and digital, and in the process exploring interaction and play.

With about 20 years experience working as a graphic artist, my practice revolves print, physical objects and materials around digital technology.


I am interested in how the two worlds of virtual and physical meet, contrast and intertwine with one another. Questioning our current use of technology, creating alternative methods of design and image making.

My aim as a visual artist and printmaker is to explore new technologies which enable a participatory experience for the viewer. In past projects, this has been achieved through interactivity and gameplay.


My work explores little playful stories from childhood memories and observations of our culture. The process of making is cathartic, through notes, sketching and research. Scratching my creative itch.

It's about getting my hands dirty - being part of the entire process from idea to final artwork - learning new skills and problem solving in the search of creative satisfaction.

The journey

I'm constantly reiterating my practice as an artist, I'm exploring the possibilities while figuring out the direction of my ambition.

I work at Gaada, an artist led visual art workshop in Shetland.

My ethos

It's a set of values, a check in, a mantra, a manifesto: Work, Art, Play.

The balance of these three important aspects of my practice that hold so much meaning within. A reminder to myself when creating work to reach my goal to be playfully productive.