This is my playground. An open space for ideas before they become bigger projects, or exercises to scratch a creative itch, or just fail.

I’ve recently felt my practice had been neglected due to lack of big projects. But I’m always making and this is a place I can share that side of my work.

Previously I have been conflicted about sharing unfinished work. Like it needs to be polished or kept under wraps for a big reveal. Truth is I’ve never been satisfied by showing off my work so I’d rather just get it out there...



My current project explores memories of the Klondykers in Shetland - large Russian and Eastern European fish factory vessels.

The aim is to take the theme as a starting point to research before creating a small body of experimental work.

Klondyker generator

Click to generate Klondyker



Since 2017 I've taken part in Inktober to refresh my approach to sketching and making small works. I use the official prompts to explore ideas that often feed back into my wider practice.