undo Artist's Books


An international collaboration of 16 artists over the course of one year.

A bit like the game Chinese whispers, but with artwork - a section of the previous image was passed onto the next participant who used the glimpse of the image as a base to continue the developing story.

Concept, Screenprinted, Handbound, Lasercut by Jono Sandilands.

  1. Jono Sandilands
  2. Sam Jack
  3. Beto Jet-O
  4. Andrew Morrison
  5. Jo Jack
  6. Kathryn Briggs
  7. Charlotte Biszewski
  8. Charline Giquel
  9. Clare Owen
  10. Sandra Biondi
  11. Clair Aldington
  12. Poison Popcorn
  13. Chloe Tallack
  14. Mary Freeman
  15. Harry Whitham
  16. Floortje Robertson


wallpaper Artist Book
shuffle A5
today 9 January, 2015
format_list_numbered Edition of 25
color_lens Black