Winter Explorations 2022-2023

After a year of chaos, I've been revisiting my sources of inspiration and exploring new avenues to set the tone for the year ahead. Here's a summary of my art practice over the past few months.

Notes from Projects: December 2022 to February 2023


Foula Beans

Last fall, I started a new job at Gaada, which brought together different elements of my art practice. In December, my Riso edition Foula Beans raised £1000 for Shetland Food Bank.

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Mono Prints

Over the winter, I experimented with a gel mono printing plate. I found myself having more fun making prints with my daughter than anything else! In December, we created a series of four prints based on some of the sayings my daughter reinterpreted.


Snacky Wacky

During January, I created a series of food-related paper cut collages. Last year, I made a series of paper cut sketches in January, which inspired much of my work throughout the year. This time, I challenged myself to use hand-painted paper colors and hand-cut drawings.

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Another source of inspiration from 2022 is my series of creative coding sketches, which I continued to work on in February.

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Tina gifted me an amazing gold gilding kit for Christmas, and I've been enjoying the process of learning how to use it. I can't wait to experiment with all the possibilities!


Getting Out

When the weather permitted, I took advantage of the chance to get out into the wilderness during the winter months. It wasn't always easy, and I certainly felt the effects of the severe weather and darkness. However, I found solace in being active on Strava and look forward to more adventure walks, alone and with family.

What's next?

Overall, these past few months have been a time of reflection and exploration, and I'm excited to see where my art practice takes me next.