Safe Haven

A colourful welcome mural at Hamnavoe Primary School.

Jono Sandilands X Hamnavoe Primary School X Gaada
Autumn 2021
Hamnavoe, Burra, Shetland

A colourful welcome wall mural at the school grounds entrance. The mural was to feature the school’s motto (and Hamnavoe meaning) ‘Safe Haven’, as well as illustrations inspired by the bairns at the school and the local community.

I was commissioned by Gaada on this project.


I ran a series of exciting online workshop with Primary 5, 6 & 7.

Our school values

safe play excitement healthy fun active family friends happy kind creative honest support equal fair adventure support HAVEN

Wild Ideas Font

As well as making the Mural, I created a new resource for the school - the official Hamnavoe Primary School font, created in collaboration with P5, 6 + 7.


Using inspiration from the workshops, I designed the mural digitally, for approval before starting to paint.


This square was rendered just after construction of the school was complete in 1980, with the intention of a colourful welcome mural being installed shortly after. It is a privilege then, 40 years later to work with Gaada to fulfil the school’s long awaited ambition.