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Snacky Wacky

A celebration of the mini feasts between meals.

I've just had BREAKFAST but how about tea and biscuits to INGEST! Why wait till LUNCH when there's fruit you can MUNCH? Chocolate before DINNER, guaranteed WINNER!

Crunchy Munchy, Choccy Woccy, Scrummy Yummy, Wibble Wobble, Tuttie Fuittie, Gribber Grabber, Roly Poly, Sneaky Peaky, Snacky Wacky!

This series of paper cut collages were made during January 2023

info Series of 9 original framed collages
wallpaper Collage
shuffle A5
insert_drive_file Hand coloured cartridge paper collage on 160gsm Watercolour Paper
today 31 January, 2023